Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Real Ronaldo

Back from hiatus.

Just sell Ronaldo.

He's like me when I'm dating a girl and summer rolls around; filled with romantic notions about leaving and doing better elsewhere. This is the third of fourth year on the trot that Ronaldo has put himself above the club during this time of the year. He's a great player, but if he doesn't value his contract, or respect the quality of the team that won the Double, or treasure the experience, he can ship off and never win it again elsewhere.

It is natural for Ronaldo to have a let-down year after winning the Double and scoring the copious amount of goals he did. In fact, the rest of his career might be a letdown for a player so inclined to let his accomplishments contribute to his arrogance.

United existed a long time before him and will exist a long time after. Ronaldo's attempt to hold the club hostage indicates his level of immaturity and meglomania, and his tendency to whine and dive are probably more fitted to the Spanish game.

Wesly Sneijder might have more class than him, anyways, and would be the perfect replacement for our Scholes; they each share the same ability to shoot from distance, while Sneijder has a better left foot and is much quicker and more mobile at his young age. Scholes probably has better vision but that will continue to come to Sneijder as he gets older. Sneijder probably has the better pug nose of the two, as well. I feel like I could easily grow to have a fond heterosexual attraction to the Dutch international in the same vein as my obsession with little Scholesy, who, in all his glory, is definitely beginning to play older. Wesley has the class to become a dutch master in the vein of so many Dutchmen who have gone before him. reports today that Madrid are prepared to give United 60m quid and Sneijder for Ronaldo, and although Ronaldo has much more marketing appeal, and will sell many more jerseys, our club should become a better footballing club without the selfish winger.