Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I play harder on my Sunday team than United did in Rome. If any player walks off that pitch with any energy at all, having lost the game, then they fucked up. There is no reason to have any energy left in a losing effort in the final of the Champions League. Michael Carrick was an absolute parody. Rooney had no guile. The whole team passed the ball around casually like it was just another game, which it wasn't. Scholes and Berbatov and Tevez, the three obvious substitutes, should have all been in sooner. Giggs was also a huge joke. Not really taking the time to say anything poetic here, just stating the facts. Van der Sar could have done better on both goals. Gets beaten near-post by Eto'o, who loves using his toe to shoot like that (you'd assume Van der Sar knew that) and the Dutchman was characteristically off balance when Messi scored his glorious header. Vidic was unstuck, Evra and O'Shea were blanks, and, I may as well include every other player I haven't mentioned yet, Park and Anderson, as being totally ineffective. See you next season!

Also, Puma makes great soccer cleats.