Saturday, April 26, 2008

ESPN: You talk about .. ?

I hope that by talking about my problems, I can somehow ameliorate them. Therefore, let me speak on this pet peeve I have, in view of healing my annoyance.

Analysts.. on television or radio.. on SportsNation.. definitely on Between Rounds,.. they have this horrible tendency to use the phrase "You talk about.." to introduce their topics.

"You talk about Kansas and their two standout guards.."

"You talk about a guy who's had the nastiest stuff.."

"In San Antonio you talk about a group of players who've.."

Are they having a laugh?

I don't think they even realize they are saying it.

Certainly a better way to transit into a new topic would be to say "Consider..." or "For example...", or just start the damn link with the subject and eliminate the superfluous, sports talk conditioning.

Sigh .. and I wonder why I'm balding.

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