Friday, October 31, 2008

Cristiano Ronaldo: The Evolution Continues

Since his inaugural dismantling of Bolton in 2004, Cristiano Ronaldo has displayed unparalleled speed and power on many occasions.

He is making it clear now that he has the confidence and intelligence to become the complete player.

Just 23, the celebrated winger is obvious favorite to run the table for European and World football individual honors for 2008.

At times during his brief career, though rife with silverware, Ronaldo has shown his age, remonstrating at lost causes, even appearing to blame teammates for poor passes or decisions.

These are surely the derivatives of the emotion that drives him to become the greatest player in the world.

It can, at times, be to his detriment.

However, this week he spoke with wisdom beyond his years, possibly suggesting the final maturation of a young athlete into a world-class ambassador for the game, a la Zidane, who achieved a level higher than other great players of this generation.

A level where only few names exist.

"You could consider it logical and that's pretty much my opinion," Ronaldo told French sports daily L'Equipe.

He's right.

"I was very consistent, I was a Premier League winner, I won the Champions League, I was the best European goalscorer, the best goalscorer in the Champions League."

For the record, he forgot top scorer in the EPL, too.

The way he is looking at the situation objectively, for a man with such proclivity for emotion, shows intelligence.

He speaks with the confidence his performances last year absolutely deserve.

He knows it.

"Everything I did, I did well, I succeeded in having an extraordinary season," he finished.

As he concisely says, last year, at 22, he was simply the best in the world.

He is now growing from that experience.

Maybe our generation has been blessed again.

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