Monday, May 19, 2008

Chelsea: SWP remains committed: Why?

Shaun-Wright Phillips is again declaring his steadfast dedication to Chelsea FC.

The Englishman, now 26, who for many years was instead referred to as "English lad", as he turned in dominating, scintillating performances at Manchester City throughout his youth and into young adulthood, continues to make very poor decisions regarding his career.

There were times in Manchester where Wright-Phillips looked simply the ostensible answer to all of England's wing problems. People thought he would either make the left his own, or brush Beckham aside with his pace and agility. These thoughts turned to assumptions as he continued to turn in absurdly fantastic displays wearing the sky blue of Manchester City.

Yet, like most talents of the time, he moved to Chelsea. Since then he has never really had a consistent run in the team, and each year spouts the same non-sense.

'..I came to Chelsea and speculation has been going on for my whole time here and I have still not left. I have signed a contract (until summer 2010) and I'm here to see it out.'

People speculating his departure are often simply people bemusing why he hasn't left yet, when he clearly has so much talent, and so little opportunity to express it. His lack of hunger will lead to an emaciated career, bereft and devoid of many of the benefits he would otherwise be receiving, namely, turning the bemusing speculation into well-deserved praise. Form and potential alone does not earn it - using pragmatism off the pitch can play as great a role as god-given talent and work-ethic on it in determining how your career is viewed in history.

Note : This argument was made without ever needing to mention "Shevchenko".

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