Monday, May 12, 2008

United: Season Review, Italy notes

I apologize to all my readers in make-believe land. I have been very busy lately, doing mundane thing like studying, working, and playing soccer.

I did manage to watch the last United game against Wigan. Oh, the irony, Ryan Giggs scoring to seal the title in what would have been merely a token appearance. Having now tied Bobby Charlton's appearance record while scoring the winning goal to seal the Premiership title, and on the verge of breaking the record during the European club final, I suppose the closer to a fairy tale this year ends for Giggs the more likely he will mercifully retire after it.

Chelsea had me worried. Being a fan for the last 8 years I've seen United blow many a grand occasion, but it seems that there is real grit instilled in our team, much of it on defense, with the confidence exuded offensively by Rooney, Tevez, and Ronaldo providing precious equilibrium.

I'm surprised Anderson hasn't featured for several weeks. He has dominated games single-handedly, domestically or in Europe, and Michael Carrick continues to disappoint. If you gave Sir Alex a truth serum, he might admit it was a failed purchase. I wonder if my vision is skewed by my own bias, but in fairness, I know at least one other person who thinks Carrick is absolute garbage, but again, in fairness, that person's opinions hinge largely upon my own, which makes him an unfair ala by. If anyone ever reads this, and agrees, feel free to comment on it. Also, feel free to comment if you think I suck.

I feel bad for Liverpool. Spanish talent is the wrong foundation for a British club, with a coach who only functions in Europe, and at least one depraved reprobate for an owner, they seem destined to play fourth fiddle to United, Chelsea, and even Arsenal for the coming generation. After a decade or so, expect United to lead all of England in top flight trophies.

The age of Cristiano Ronaldo really has begun. Imagine next year, if he is even better? I don't expect him to get more goals, but if he is wiser, more skilled, more balanced, and plays a little more defense, he will be further unparalleled. Perhaps his greatest gift, often unmentioned, is his ability to avoid any serious injury--quite a feat considering the treatment he is subjected to during match play.

On another note, players have developed a new penchant for conning referees. The degenerate Marco Materazzi, who poetically missed the ensuing penalty, grappled his defender down while gazing sadly at the referee to earn it. This is the fourth time this year I've seen an attacker drag a defender down in hope of earning a penalty, and it worked at least twice. In a game where diving is already a horrible plague, it's nice to know some lesser players are always developing new ways to shame themselves and the sport.

Three cheers to AS Roma who have a chance to win the scudetto next weekend against Catania. Mirko Vucinic is one of the most underrated talents in European football, and as Totti continues to age, Vucinic and Di Rossi will be the face of one of the few respectable Italian super-clubs left.


ryan said...

Carrick, 26, is also expected to sign a five-year deal in the coming weeks that would tie him to the club until 2013.

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